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Beijing Linkman CNC Technology Co., Ltd.
Mobile phone 13511063406 (Manager Wang)
Email sales@ch5556.com
Address No. 3 Longyuan Road, Shilong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing
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The Zhongguancun high-tech company listed on the New Third Board of Beijing Linkman. The industrial production base of the National Torch Plan project is located in Shilong Economic and Technological Development Zone, West Chang'an Street, Beijing. Member of the Innovation Alliance, a key enterprise in Haidian District, Beijing. All the company's products have core technology intellectual property rights, including more than 20 software copyrights, more than 10 patents, and many registered trademarks. Many products have been listed as national torch plan projects, industrialization demonstrations, and independent innovation products. The company has undertaken major Beijing science and technology projects for many times, with continuous technological innovation capabilities and a solid foundation of intelligent equipment industrialization, the company continues to flourish.
The company's products have technological and market advantages in steel curtain walls, marine engineering, shipbuilding, bridge towers, entertainment facilities, logistics and storage, coal mining machinery and construction machinery, and good user reputation and satisfaction, making "Beijing Linkman" an industry Brands and signboards for projects such as steel structures, pipe trusses, etc.
The company's main business is outstanding, and its main products are automatic section cutting production lines, section steel cutting machines, intersecting wire cutting machines , square pipe cutting machines, offline programming software, and implementation of quality systems and industry standards. The company has been providing products and services to nearly a thousand internationally renowned companies for 20 years, such as: China Construction Steel Structure, China Railway Group, China Metallurgical Construction, Jutao Offshore, China Shipbuilding Industry, Dachuan Heavy Industry, Hudong Shipyard, COSCO Kawasaki Heavy Industry, Southeast Grid, Shanghai-Nanjing Steel Machinery, Precision Steel Structure, Shanghai Construction Engineering, Baoye Steel Structure, Hangxiao Steel Structure, Fuhuang Steel Structure, Yantai Feilong Steel Structure, XCMG Group, Sany Heavy Industry, China Heavy Industry, Taiyuan Heavy Industry, Zhenhua Heavy Industry, China National Heavy Industry Corporation, Wison Heavy Industry, Huadian Heavy Industry, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Yunnan Construction Engineering, Tianjin Construction Engineering, etc., participated in many domestic and foreign high-speed rail stations, airports and terminals, offshore oil platforms, offshore wind power, broadcasting TV tower, convention center and stadium, city square and landmark buildings, such as: Beijing Olympic venues and Shanghai World Expo venues, Qatar World Cup Stadium 2022, CCTV, National Theatre, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Beijing Daxing National key projects and constructions such as airports, FAST projects, Guangzhou TV Tower, Shanghai International Expo National Convention and Exhibition Center, Beijing World Garden Expo-China Pavilion .

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The company's main products are various types of steel cutting machines , intersecting wire cutting machines , intersecting wire cutting equipment, square tube cutting machines, etc., please call for consultation
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