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Beijing Linkman CNC Technology Co., Ltd.
Mobile phone 13511063406 (Manager Wang)
Email sales@ch5556.com
Address No. 3 Longyuan Road, Shilong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing
  • 美国海宝等离子电源战略合作伙伴

    U.S. Hypertherm Plasma Power Strategic Partner

  • 证监会新三板企业批复_2013

    China Securities Regulatory Commission's New Third Board Enterprise _2013

  • 企业安全生产标准化证书_2014

    Enterprise safety production standardization certificate_2014

  • 北京智能装备理事单位_2016

    Beijing Intelligent Equipment Director Unit_2016

  • 北京钢结构协会理事单位_2019

    Director unit of Beijing Steel Structure Association_2019

  • 公司营业执照副本

    Copy of company business license

  • 国家级高新技术企业证书_2020

    National High-tech Enterprise Certificate_2020

  • ISO9001质量体系认证_2021

    ISO9001 quality system certification_2021

  • 北京市自主创新产品证书_LMGQ

    Beijing independent innovation product certificate_LMGQ

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    The company's main products are various types of steel cutting machines , intersecting wire cutting machines , intersecting wire cutting equipment, square tube cutting machines, etc., please call for consultation
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