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The company successfully completed the delivery of equipment exported to Thailand
Author: intersection Cutting Company 2018-09-18 10:54 Read: [58]

Recently, our company has successfully completed the installation, training and delivery of the LMGQ-PRO eight-axis round_rectangular pipe combined intersecting wire cutting equipment exported to large-scale steel structure customers in Thailand, and is currently under construction for Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand. The second phase of the steel structure project is about 3600 tons of engineering production to provide cutting services.
Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport has a total construction area of approximately 216,000 square meters and a roof projection area of 62,300 square meters. It is a landmark construction project in Thailand. When completed, it will become an aviation hub in the ASEAN region. Facilitate cultural exchanges.
Thailand is located in the center of the Indo-China Peninsula and is a necessary place for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The construction of the airport has laid a good foundation for our company's products to expand into the Southeast Asian market. All the way "strategic cooperation.
Our LMGQ-PRO intersecting wire cutting machine and LM-HXG intelligent steel cutting robot products, with their good reputation and reputation, have achieved brand advantages and popularity in the field of three-dimensional cutting, and have provided products to well-known companies for many times. And technical services, and exported to Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand and Taiwan for many years.
Please contact our sales department for more details.

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