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The company's products serve the construction of the Qatar World Cup venues in 2022
Author: intersection Cutting Company 2018-10-19 10:55 Read: [57]

A few days ago, China Railway Construction and Seiko Steel Co., Ltd. successfully constructed the main stadium of the Football World Cup as a contractor, breaking the long-term monopoly of the developed countries in the field and achieving a zero breakthrough.
China Railway Construction and Jinggong Steel Structure are well-known steel structure companies and high-end customers of automatic cutting production lines for profiles . For nearly 20 years, Beijing Linkman products have maintained efficient cutting and quality services. Seiko Steel officially signed a contract for the construction of steel structures for the two projects of the Qatar World Cup Lusail Main Stadium and Al Rayyan Stadium in 2022.
The 2022 World Cup finals will be held in 12 stadiums in Qatar. Seiko Steel can stand out from many competitors and win two major venues in one fell swoop. This will undoubtedly prove once again the performance of Chinese steel companies on the world stage. Extraordinary strength.
Lusail Stadium is the main stadium of the Qatar Football World Cup in 2022. It will play four important tasks, including the opening ceremony, the opening match, the final and the closing ceremony. After completion, it will become an international landmark building in Qatar. The contract value of the project is about 770 million US dollars, the design is about 92,000 seats, the total steel structure is about 56,000 tons, and the membrane structure is 45,000 square meters, which is the difficulty of the current world roof membrane structure construction project.
Advanced construction technology :
Comparison of Lucell and the Bird's Nest :
For more details, please visit the website of China Railway Construction and Seiko Steel Corporation

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