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2019 won the bid again for key projects such as Baosteel Steel Structure and Shanghai Construction Engineering
Author: intersection Cutting Company 2019-03-18 10:55 Read: [72]

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year in 2019, the company won another batch of important contracts and orders. Baoye Steel Structure, Shanghai Construction Engineering, China Construction Second Bureau, Taiwan Sinosteel Heavy Industry, Taiwan 1500 wind power project ... Kerman brand products LMGQ-PRO (8) shaft intersecting wire cutting machine , LM-HXG intelligent steel cutting production line, and square tube cutting machine are in hot order. The 64-bit PIPE3000 programming software combines TEKLA (21.0) and AutoCAD (2014) offline programming, which are recognized and loved by many well-known companies. We will cherish it, work harder, ensure quality, and do good after-sales service.
Baoye Steel Structure, which won the bid this time, is a large-scale steel structure company in China. It has participated in the construction of the National Stadium, Nantong Sports Center, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Terminal 2 and Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport T2 Complex , National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), Harbin Grand Theater, Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Nanjing International Expo Center, Shenzhen Universiade Main Stadium, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai Pudong International Airport Extension, Shanghai Disneyland Hundred.
Baoye Steel Structure, Shanghai Construction Engineering, and China Construction Second Bureau are all state-owned large-scale steel structure enterprises and national backbone enterprises. They have great advantages in all key projects, overseas projects, and national infrastructure projects along the Belt and Road. Architectural products have won many national awards such as the Zhan Tianyou Award and the Luban Award, which has won honors for the country.
For details, please visit Baoye Steel Structure, Shanghai Construction Engineering, China Construction Second Bureau Company Website

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