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The company successfully completed the project delivery of the profile automatic cutting production line
Author: intersection Cutting Company 2019-06-10 11:11 Read: [78]

A few days ago, the 60-meter-long LM-HXG steel cutting machine automatic cutting production line and MOBOTSPACE offline programming system software built by our company for Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry completed installation and delivery and training. The intelligent profile cutting production line has played a huge role in the construction of customers' marine products, setting a new record for the production and cutting of the combination of ball flat steel, angle steel and I-beam profiles, and the segmental construction and welding of hulls for large offshore and shipbuilding companies The peer-to-peer process has created the necessary conditions such as accurate dimensions, clean welding grooves, and good blunt edge consistency. The LM-HXG has won high praise from shipowners.
LM-HXG is a national torch plan industrialization demonstration project, which is especially suitable for steel curtain wall, offshore, shipbuilding, bridge tower, entertainment facilities, storage and construction machinery industries and has all independent intellectual property rights. The market advantages, good reputation and user satisfaction of the company's series of products, "Beijing Linkman" has become an industry brand and a signboard for contracting steel structure and pipe truss projects.
LM-HXG is suitable for a variety of profiles (H-steel, channel steel, I-beam, angle steel, ball flat steel, etc.) Cutting with industrial robot manipulators, the system is easy to operate, only one operator is needed, which solves the labor difficulties and environmental protection of enterprises Requires higher-profile issues. It can automatically complete the workpiece loading, coding, cutting, dust removal, sorting and unloading, and the operator can easily realize the machine tool control without any drawing knowledge and education.
Production site of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Ship Construction Base:
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