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The company's products serve the 2019 Beijing World Garden Construction
Author: intersection Cutting Company 2019-10-14 16:36 Read: [194]

On April 28, 2019, the world's most-anticipated 2019 World Gardens opened in Beijing. This is the international horticultural exposition held again in China, which fully proves the world's high recognition of China's horticultural development level and achievements in ecological civilization construction.
The “China Pavilion”, the core landscape area of the 2019 World Expo, was built by Seiko Steel. The "brilliant · ruyi" of the China Pavilion is like a "ruyi", which is located in a quiet and beautiful countryside. It gathers the essence of Chinese gardening, displays traditional Chinese culture, and tells Chinese gardening stories.
The roof of the China Pavilion is in the shape of "Ruyi". The main building's steel roof is 102 meters wide, 164 meters long, and 252 meters in circumference. In order to build a half-moon-shaped steel structure roof, combined with the proportion of photovoltaic glass, about 12,000 pieces of various gauge steel members were used in the construction.
Seiko Steel (600496) is an international first-class enterprise, a high-end customer of LMGQ intersecting wire cutting machines . For 20 years, Beijing Linkman products have maintained cutting efficiency and service quality. PIPE3000 and LMGQ are accompanied by a large number of first-class companies such as: Seiko Steel, Shanghai-Nanjing Steel Machinery, Southeast Grid, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and other large-scale enterprises continue to go overseas, participate in more international competition, and accept more high-end customers test.
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