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Beijing Linkman CNC Technology Co., Ltd.
Mobile phone 13511063406 (Manager Wang)
Email sales@ch5556.com
Address No. 3 Longyuan Road, Shilong Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing
Patent copyright
  • 金属切割除尘系统设备-实用新型

    Metal cutting dust removal system equipment-utility model

  • LMGQ-PRO管切割机-著作权证书

    LMGQ-PRO Tube Cutting Machine-Copyright Certificate

  • 数控八轴相贯线切割机-发明专利

    NC eight-axis intersecting wire cutting machine-invention patent

  • 工件卡盘自动排尘机构-实用新型

    Automatic dust extraction mechanism of workpiece chuck-utility model

  • 工件焊接坡口切割机-实用新型

    Workpiece welding bevel cutting machine-utility model

  • 型材切割辅助支撑装置-实用新型

    Auxiliary support device for profile cutting-utility model

  • LMGQ管相贯线切割机-著作权证书

    LMGQ Pipe Intersecting Wire Cutting Machine-Copyright Certificate

  • 坡口切割机离线编程-著作权证书

    Bevel Cutting Machine Offline Programming-Copyright Certificate

  • 型钢切割机离线编程-著作权证书

    Beam Cutting Machine Offline Programming-Copyright Certificate

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    The company's main products are various types of steel cutting machines , intersecting wire cutting machines , intersecting wire cutting equipment, square tube cutting machines, etc., please call for consultation
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